April 2nd, 2022 | WALC B074 & WALC B091 | 9:00am-5:00pm

Purdue AITP's annual Computing Challenge Day allows students to showcase their computing talents in a fun and incentivized event. Clubs and companies create challenges for students to compete in for over $6,000 in cool prizes. Various challenge topics are included to cater to the computing interests of many students. This event is completely FREE for Purdue students to participate in!

Prizes per event

1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
North Face Jacket AITP T-Shirt




This semester our events include the autonomous driving challege, the coding duo challenge sponsored by John Deere, a machine learning solo challenge, two capture the flag competitions across two different levels of experience, a duo data science challenge and duo high performance computing challenge. Across these challenges we will be giving out over $6,000 in prizes!


Challenge Information

Topic Creator Type Description
Network Design Challenge West Monroe Duo Students will design a networking system reflecting real world client requests that West Monroe has worked on in the past while summarizing their design through graphs, diagrams and verbiage.
Field Operation Tracking System (Coding Challenge) John Deere Duo Students will develop a preliminary system to manage fields and field operations performed by farmers! The goal is to allow farmers better management of their agronomic data and get an accurate idea of areas that they can improve their crop yield. This event is a coding challenge and can be coded in any language the user wants! Common choices are Java, C, and Python.
Autonomous Driving Challenge League of Robotic Engineers Solo/Duo Students will program a mobile robot to navigate autonomously.
Machine Learning Challenge Data Mine Advisory Board Duo Students using Kaggle will compute possible conditional probabilities and will create a decision tree based on the probabilities found. Technologies utilized: Jupyter Notebook or tensorflow or pytorch or pycharm (python knowledge - pandas and numpy and other libraries), laptop/computer
Advanced CTF B01lers (Purdue CTF Team) Solo A capture the flag hosted by the Purdue CTF Team. Recommended for students with experience with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS or WSL,
Binwalk, YARA, Ghidra, GDB, and Wireshark
Beginner CTF Women in Cybersecurity Solo An underclassmen only capture the flag competition hosted by Women in Cybersecurity. Competitors will only need a Laptop.
Data Science Challenge ITaP Research Computing Duo Students will extract data from a large dataset, while validating quality of data and account for missing data, conducting descriptive analysis, producing informative visualization, and answering high level questions. Utilizes high-performance computing cluster and programming skills.
HPC ITaP Research Computing Duo Students will compile and run a real life scientific application using Purdue's supercomputers. The process is computationally intensive and will introduce competitors to the realm of high-performance computing (clusters, schedulers, parallelization, etc.).

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