October 24, 2020 | Virtual | 10:00am-5:00pm

Purdue AITP's annual Computing Challenge Day allows students to showcase their computing talents in a fun and incentivized event. Clubs and companies create challenges for students to compete in for over $10,000 in cool prizes. Various challenge topics are included to cater to the computing interests of many students. This event is completely FREE for Purdue students to participate in!

Register here: http://tinyurl.com/ccd2020signup




This semester our events include the systems analysis duo challenge, the coding trio challenge sponsored by John Deere, a Network Engineering solo challenge, a database solo challenge and a cybersecurity solo challenge. Across these challenges we will be giving out over $10,000 in prizes!


Please use the links below to access the challenges at the appropriate time:
Systems Analysis: https://bit.ly/3meaTwy
John Deere Coding Challenge: https://bit.ly/3mhTz9V
Network Engineering: https://bit.ly/3dNaWg3
CPU Competitive Programming: https://bit.ly/2IXtyyw
CIT UX Design: https://bit.ly/3ojw95W

The Banquet will be held at 1 pm on October 25th. Attend to find out the winners for the events! The link is below:

Challenge Information

Topic Creator Type Description
Systems Analysis Purdue AITP Solo Students must analyze a scenario given and create multiple different diagrams that accurately portray the information given. The final product would be created by hand or a tool like visual paradigm.
Coding Challenge John Deere Trio Simulate a combine harvesting a field, taking into account combine header width, field size, speed, etc. while also tracking the yield as the combine moves across the field.
Network Engineering Purdue AITP Solo Testing basic networking and computing concept including configuration, trivia and conceptual concepts in a 50 question test.
Competitive Programming CPU Solo Students compete to solve the most programming challenges from a set of 5 problems. The problems test your creative problem-solving and programming skills.
UX Design CIT dept. Duo Students would do a whiteboard UX design challenge where they do some research to find a solution of a stated problem and sketch out a design. As a part of the deliverable, they need to finish an app prototype using a design tool or a programming language.

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