March 7, 2020 | Wilmeth Active Learning Center 1132 | 9:00am-6:30pm

Purdue AITP's annual Computing Challenge Day allows students to showcase their computing talents in a fun and incentivized event. Clubs and companies create challenges for students to compete in for over $6,000 in cool prizes. Various challenge topics are included to cater to the computing interests of many students. This event is completely FREE for Purdue students to participate in!

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Event 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Data Science
Password Cracking
CTF Offensive Security with Forensics
Systems Analysis and Design
Application Development


Our schedule include one 6-hour challenge, three 4-hour challenges, and two 2-hour challenges. Some challenges are partnered (teams of 2) while others are individual. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to the challenge(s) you wish to participate in for check-in and setup. You don't have to stay the whole time, just the times you wish to compete in and Awards Banquet. Note that Lunch and Dinner will be provided to participants of CCD.

Challenge Information

Topic Creator Partnered Description
Data Science ITaP Research Computing Y Extracting data from a large dataset, validating quality of data and account for missing data, conduct descriptive analysis, produce informative visualization, and answer high level questions.
Password Cracking ITaP Research Computing Y Reversing password hashes using Purdue’s supercomputers. This process is computationally intensive and will stress competitor’s Linux abilities to accomplish the most recoveries in the time allotted.
CTF Offensive Security with Forensics Purdue Cyber Forensics Club Y As the red team, compete in a CTF that utilizes forensics.
Programming Purdue Competitive Programmers Union N Five programming challenges to solve algorithmic problems that range from easy-hard difficulty.
Systems Analysis and Design Purdue AITP N Take on the role of a systems analyst by modeling a holistic system that addresses the technical and human requirements for a particular business.
Application Development Purdue SigAPP N Contract proposal for a team making an android app.

What to Bring

  • Laptop
  • Laptop Charger
  • PUID
  • Partner (for partnered events)
  • Competitive Spirit

In Partnership With:

ITaP Research Computing
ITaP Research Computing
Purdue Cyber Forensics Club
Purdue Cyber Forensics Club

Sponsorship Opportunity

If your company is interested in sponsoring our event, please review the sponsorship levels in the graphic below. Sponsorship payments can be made on our Payment Portal. If you have any questions, please email!