Our Chapter

Since 1987 our chapter has helped thousands of students attain internship and job opportunities across the nation. Our chapter is comprised of students in the various computing disciplines at Purdue University. The mission of Purdue AITP is to foster the development of our members into computing professionals. This includes both professional development and the opportunity to network with other computing students both at Purdue and nationally.

Our Pillars

  1. Computing Career Fair
  2. Scholarships
  3. Computing Competitions
  4. Company Tech Talks
  5. Professional/Social Development
  6. Mentorship Opportunities

What We Offer

Our members have access to several company tech talks, scholarship opportunities, national computing competitions, career fair prep, and much more! Members are a part of an extensive network that includes current students and alumni. From resume review sessions to career and social development, our members can rest assured that our club will help them make the leap to becoming computing professionals!

Meet the Executive Board

The Executive Board is a group of students that is elected each spring to lead our organization for the following school year. If you're interested in being on the board next year, let us know!


Amit Shah

President | CCF Director 

I am a senior in CNIT with minors in Communication and Political Science. My IT interests are Project Management, Systems Analysis, and Databases. As the President and Computing Career Fair Director, I am extremely excited to lead this organization to new heights! I look to engage with as many of our members as possible and help them grow into computing professionals. As for my hobbies, I enjoy going on runs, taking biking trips, and talking to new people. I’m looking forward to an awesome last year with AITP!


Alijiah Bullard

Vice President | Associate CCF Director

I am a Cyber Security and Networking Major here at Purdue. I am originally a transfer student from Indiana State. I decided that Purdue was best for my education and career. I am really excited to help run AITP's career fair this fall. My interest includes running, hanging with friends, video games, and working on projects with Raspberry Pi.

professional headshot

Zach Zurlo


I am from Chicago, IL. I am a junior majoring in Computer and Information Technology with a minor in Organizational Leadership and Supervision. My focus in CNIT is Systems Analysis and Design. I enjoy working with SQL and coding in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Java. I joined AITP to further grow in my computing career and to meet people with the same professional interests.


Chelsea Ho

Events Logistics Chair

I am currently a junior majoring in Public Relations and Strategic Communication with a minor in CNIT. I am from sunny San Ramon, CA and joined AITP to meet new people and expand my connections! I am excited to work with this team and develop professionally this year.


Kayla Martin


I am majoring in Computer and Information Technology with a concentration in Systems Analysis and Design, graduating this Fall. I’m from Muncie, IN and I enjoy makeup artistry, YouTube, and video games. I am in charge of AITP’s websites. I am currently an intern here on campus with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and have will be continuing on in the Bay Area this January. I am also a part of the Purdue Pathmaker program, and a past Japan study abroad participant. Joining AITP has been a significant part of my development as an IT professional because of the opportunities that it has provided to me. I have learned how to communicate with recruiters in our field, attended conferences and events that will further me as a professional, and lastly been provided with the opportunity to become a mentor for other AITP members as an executive board member.


Brandon Zammit

Communications Chair

I am a senior in CIT from Damascus, MD. I am pursuing the general track with concentrations in development and databases. I am also minoring in biometrics and completing the entrepreneurship certificate. Outside of AITP you can find around campus giving tours to prospective students so be sure to say hello if you see me! AITP has given me the chance to speak to many employers and compete on a national level with other computing professionals.


Events Marketing Chair






Assistant Webmaster